Screwfix Near Me

By | July 6, 2022

Screwfix Near Me

If you’re looking for a local Screwfix, you’ve come to the right place. Screwfix has 635 stores nationwide and is located within a 30-minute drive of 97% of the population. They’re open seven days a week, from 7am Monday to Friday. If you’d like to pick up your order sooner, you can place your order online or over the phone and pick it up in less than a minute.

To find the closest Screwfix store to you, use the website’s store locator. The website will display the stores in your area, along with their contact details and opening times. You can even use a map to find the closest location. Once you’ve found the store, click on its location and enter your zip code. Your chosen store will be displayed on a map, along with directions to the nearest store. You’ll be able to purchase a wide range of tools at an affordable price and get them shipped to your home, without wasting time going to a different store.

For York, there’s a Screwfix in James Street and Hazel Court. They are located in Phoenix Business Park, which is just two minutes from James Street and Hazel Court. The store is within easy reach of Layerthorpe, Stockton Road, and the Stamford Bridge Bypass. To find the exact location of a Screwfix, visit the website or call their holiday information line. And be sure to take note that these stores will close early on UK legal holidays.

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