Don’t be Scammed

Selling or renting a timeshare or vacation property can be a very confusing process. With so many companies offering unrealistic hope and virtually no accountability, it’s no wonder there is such a bad taste in the mouth of so many timeshare owners.  At Timeshare Sales Today, we strive to provide the very best in Customer Service, as well as, providing our clients with the maximum exposure for their timeshare property on the resale market. Timeshare Sales Today, along with a limited number of other companies, provides our clients with statistics such as our latest website search activity, actual offers received from buyers and renters visiting our website, as well as, our actual timeshare sales and rentals. This transparency allows you the peace of mind knowing that Timeshare Sales Today is committed to the advertising and marketing of your timeshare. Our proven advertising program maximizes the potential profit that timeshare owners receive after the sale of their property. With no commissions or appraisal fees, you pay a one time advertising fee which covers all your advertising and marketing costs until your vacation property is sold or rented. We are so confident in our ability that we offer a money back guarantee if you or any other timeshare resale company sells your timeshare before we do. The only limitation to this guarantee is that it does not include upgrades through a resort or developer. Our clients also have the peace of mind of knowing who they are giving their personal information. Timeshare Sales Today, as well as, all our sales representatives are licensed and bonded with the state of Florida. All of our representatives have undergone extensive background checks by the State of Florida. If you are dealing with another timeshare resale company and they can not give you the company license number and the license number of the representative you are speaking to, you are probably about to be ripped off. Most likely there is a good reason why they are not licensed. They are probably a convicted felon and unable to qualify for a license. In the state of Florida, it is illegal for a person to contact you by telephone and finalize a sale over the phone without being licensed. In short, never give your personal information or credit card number over the telephone unless the person requesting this information is licensed.