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Belgium has the greatest number of different beers in the world – over 650 to be more exact! Almost every beer is unique, whether by its strength, ingredients, colour, taste or style; there are even some that are totally unique to Belgium. Many of the beers have become world classics and have a huge connoisseur following. There really is a beer suitable for any occasion.

The alcohol content of a Belgian beer can vary from 2.5% ABV up to a massive 12.0% ABV – the beers that fall into the latter really do need to be taken in moderation and savoured for their uniqueness.

Each beer has its own distinctive glass to bring out the best from the beer. We stock a great range of different Belgian glass styles, some of which, such as Duvel, are reputed to have been scientifically designed to enhance the flavour and aroma.

Feel free to browse through our store – we’re sure there’s something to tempt you!