Vacation Register International, Inc

Vacation Register International, Inc is now doing business as Timeshare Sales Today. We have made this change to better serve our clients with all their timeshare needs. There are several other companies that have, over the years, tried to model themselves after our company. They have registered similar names to ours and have created some confusion  among the general public. Also, Vacation Resorts International, a very reputable  company in the timeshare and hotel resort management business, whose very similar name, company logo, and use of “VRI” as the company nickname, was creating great confusion among our existing and prospective clients. Vacation Register International, Inc and/or Timeshare Sales Today has never been in the resort management business. Timeshare Sales Today is now, and always has been, a timeshare resale and rental advertising and marketing company. Timeshare Sales Today will offer the same great customer service that our clients have become accustomed to and hopefully eliminate any further confusion about our corporate identity. We will no longer refer to our company as VRI. Company ownership and management have not changed. Vacation Register International, Inc. has registered with the State of Florida to do business as Timeshare Sales Today. Timeshare Sales Today, and all of its logos and trademarks, is owned by Vacation Register International, Inc. Timeshare Sales Today and Vacation Register International, Inc. are not affiliated with any other company or entity. Again this change in no way affects our existing clients and we will continue to aggressively market and advertise all timeshares in our inventory. We at Timeshare Sales Today feel confident that all of our clients will agree that we are leading the way, with our easy to use website, innovative timeshare search functions, and various website enhancements, in timeshare resales and rentals. If you have any further questions regarding this change, please contact us toll free at