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On the advertising side, Apple is counting on the presentation of its new product at the Geneva Motor Show next Thursday. Additionally, there are Ferrari, mercedes benz and Volvo will demo their newest versions featuring the interface along with Apple system.
Since 2007, the ready to wear fashion category, Gap, is promoting the P.A.C.E (Personal Advancement and Career Enhancement) programme, with the aim of improving women’s working conditions, status and career prospects. From the clothing industry, they represent no more less than 80% of workers, as stated by the brand on its site. This foundation is made in partnership with local and wholesalers and worldwide NGOs, aims to bring instruction, technical training and professional capabilities to programme participants. Amongst the 17,000 women who’ve profited from the programme, five were chosen to share with their stories in the documentary series,”One Stitch Closer”.

Together with Care among its partners, Gap will even sell a limitededition tshirt, together with part of their profits going into the NGO. “The way to inspire shift, is to comprehend the intellect of women”. All these t shirts will be sold on the brand’s e shop and in certain American stores out of tomorrow.
After its collection created in collaboration with the singer, Gwen Stefani, the American nail varnish brand, O.P.I has only launched”Brazil”, with 12 shades including word games and evocative colours. Whilst the product lineup high lights Brazil for its football World Cup, another line before summer will probably soon be from the colours of the red and white giant.
The new has already announced its collaboration with coca cola for a brand new line. Thus, 7 nail varnishes can refer to the epic drinks of this brand, by carrying their titles and adopting their packaging colours. From this summer, fans of nail-art should find coca cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke, Vanilla Coke, Sprite and Fanta varnish.

“Both of these famous brands truly deliver enjoyment in a jar – whether a refreshing and invigorating drink of Cola or perfectly polished claws with OPI nail varnish,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann,” cofounder of all O.P.I.
However, the two businesses are not saying any more about the products that are future, not even to let on if the nail varnish is going to have the odor of the famous soft drink. American consumers are going to have the ability to purchase the collection using somewhat of advance from 17 June, whilst no date has been given for other countries. The content is absolutely free, however, you first must add a Canadian passport in to the terminal. The system scans the record, checks the nationality and opens the door to the fridge.

“We knew that Sotchi had been the ideal location for its passport-fridge. We are bringing in part of dwelling into Sotchi so that the athletes along with other Canadians feel at home”, explains Forest Kenney,” spokesman for Molson Canadian into the Montreal Journal.