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Launched from the 1980s, the Canadian company, Blackberry has known better days. Since the advent of competing smartphones, in particular the i-phone, its earnings have gradually dropped. Having reached a dead-end, the Directors have just given their agreement to sell all stocks into the Fairfax Company. The investment company gains in automobile insurance, plans to buy all the Group’s stocks at 9 dollars every year, for a total of 4.7 billion dollars, and also eventually become private firm.
As the investment is enormous, it’s not sufficient for 40 percent of BlackBerry’s employees to maintain their jobs, and more than 4500 people will be put off after the potential take over by Fairfax.Fairfax wants to provide the pioneer of their wise mobile a boost, but perhaps not for the general public. The war declared between its competitors, Apple, Samsung and Microsoft has not left much space for Blackberry from the mobile phone industry (8 percent of sales of smartphones ).

Thus BlackBerry intends to depart this business of activity to focus solely on merchandise such as professionals. Other purchase suggestions are expected before 4 November, when BlackBerry must shift its structure to Fairfax. To now, this minority investor simply owns 10 percent of the funding, but plans to catch it fully. Since August, Prem Watsa, director of Fairfax, has stood down from BlackBerry’s Board of Directors to avoid any conflicts of interest, even in expectation of the upcoming transaction.It should be recalled that Mike Lazaridis, CEO and creator of BlackBerry, was ejected from the Board of Directors in January 2012. To recover his company, Mike Lazaridis is negotiating with investors and may introduce a buy price prior to the deadline. The Electrolux Company wished to learn precisely the vacuuming customs of 28,000 people, in 23 countries including the USA, France, Sweden, Australia and Japan.

Everything has been tested, from clothing used to vacuuming frequency and also age in which children are implicated in this activity.The Norwegians and Americans are somewhat less sensitive to the cold compared to the average.The study shows that 4 percent of people studied vacuum in panties, together with 2 percent who do not wear anything. The very least sensitive to this cold and much more at ease with their nudity will be the Nordics and Americans, with the Norwegians on top (3.7%) accompanied by the Swedes and the Americans (3%). More men than women vacuum in the naked, with 2.5percent against 0.6percent for ladies. Outside of these outfits’, most cleaners prefer comfortable, comfy clothes (69 percent ). 76 percent of Koreans prefer tracksuits (against 21% typically ). Yet another habit highlighted by the report concerns alternative tasks performed during cleaning.
Apparently more than 1 man in three listens to music, together with in Colombia and Mexico, 67% of people blocking out the noise in this way. Young individuals go much further, and dance encouraged by the hoover handle. 51% of young folks from 18-30 years ago in their hifi system (against 19 percent of the over 51 years) and 6% dance in rhythm (1% for the 51 decades and over). Music is also obviously, a means to hide the sound level of this vacuum , which is the principal aggravation for users. At what age can a child start vacuuming? In accordance with the research, 6% of people surveyed placed a vacuum cleaner in the hands of kids from 3 to 5 years ago They’re joined by an extra 2% who think it is possible for the under 3s.

This, of course, assumes they can hold the deal! Meanwhile, most teenagers could vacuum without the difficulties. Compared to this Poles, Russians and Norwegians who mend the minimum age at three decades, Turks and Koreans like to wait for the adolescent years and consider the perfect age to become 15 to 17 years.The latter are champions of rapidity, vacuuming at turbo speed in under thirty minutes, whereas the Portuguese and Brazilians take 1 or 2 hours. As for the Chinese, you can not be concerned about noise at night as 6 percent talk about the soft tails of the vacuum cleaner with their neighbourhood.