Can I Give My Timeshare Away?

Yes, you can!!! At Timeshare Sales Today, we are proud to offer our . It’s a simple and effective way to immediately free yourself from the financial burden of owning a timeshare you simply do not use. Here’s how it works.

After signing up for our Timeshare Giveaway Program you are well on your way. Within 48 hours or sooner, you will receive a call from the person or company that will be taking over your timeshare. We will have already confirmed with the buyer that they intend to take over your timeshare based on the resort information you have provided. If the information you provided to us is accurate and correct, the sale of your timeshare is 100% guaranteed. In other words, your advertising fee will be refunded in full if your timeshare is not actually sold. The fee will not be refunded if you provided us with the incorrect resort information or if you later choose not to sell your timeshare. After your payment for the has been processed, we will put you in direct contact with the buyer. You, as the seller, will pay all closing and transfer fees. The closing process normally takes about 6-8 weeks. After the transfer of ownership is complete, you will no longer be responsible for any dues or fees associated with the timeshare. It’s that simple.