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Current at the European market since 1998, the ready to wear brand, Bershka, is attempting a new adventure by diversifying its own activity. The”bscene” make up lineup should be found from the series’s stores throughout March. The spring 2014 collection aims to be colourful and fresh with a great deal of themes. The range consists of numerous eye shadows, blushers, gloss and Lip Sticks, nevertheless the newest wanted to be noticeable and delight nail-art fans, having its nail products. Ever since spring 2013, the performer, Nickolay Lamm has generated the buzz with his project for modelling a shot in the image of young American girls. Last May, he gave Barbie a new human anatomy, by simply swapping her measurements for people of an average 19 year-old American girl. In this image, the shot loses a few centimetres, and benefits weight and muscles to more closely represent reality.
Truly, though Mattel’s emblematic figurine had been real, her neck wouldn’t support the weight of her head, and this is far from being only corporal inconsistency. So, Nickolay Lamm re-modelled her to allow it to be sportier, more down to earth and less inclined to create complexes. After the craze which stemmed from the publication of this proposition, the performer has just started production of this rule-breaking ring. Named”Lammily”, she is fully articulated at the wrists, elbows, knees and ankles.
Lammily promotes a healthy lifestyle. She’s fit and strong. She has style and conveys a minimum of cosmetics”, explains her creator on a site dedicated to the doll. “Consequently our brothers can develop up to become more happy, more healthy women, truly confident and proud of their bodies.
About the manufacturing side, he’s received advice from Robert Rambeau, former vice president of Mattel, and others, to select quality suppliers and manufacturers. Placed on the crowd-funding site, Crowdtilt Open, the project is asking for 95,000 dollars to start production. So far, it’s already found 384,172 dollars, 25 days prior to the end of the set. And thus, Lammily ought to be on sale from November 2014.
To follow the initial seven nail varnishes in the store shelves, Bershka has launched”nail wraps”. These self adhesive stickers allow you to customise your nails without even needing all day to accomplish it. To commence this range, it has presented its 1st odor:”Bershka The Perfume”. Already available in the store’s eshop, the newest makeup and cologne products will be gradually introduced from the stores.
Voice or with car controls.
Telephoning or responding to an sms is dangerous when driving an automobile, and these methods are causing a growing number of accidents. But despite this, Apple has just announced it is stepping in to the automobile market using its CarPlay software. This method makes it possible for the master of an iPhone 5, 5S or 5C, with a Lightning interface, to join his telephone to his car’s interface. Thus, the mobile phone functions popular for travel in an automobile become controllable by voice, with the easy touch of a finger or with wheel controllers.