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Three-Finger Jack is the name of a mountain in Central Oregon. Locatednear Sisters and Bend Oregon, the snow-capped peaks of Three-Finger Jack are anawe inspiring sight and one of many of Oregon’s natural wonders. The mountainrange is prominently displayed in the background of every Three-Finger Jackbottle label and package.

In the 1840’s and 1850’s a notorious outlaw named Three-Finger Jack terrorizedthe Southwest, robbing banks and businesses with his accomplice Joaquin andtheir outlaw gang. Three-Finger Jack and Joaquin were captured by Arizona StateRangers in Fairbanks, just outside of Nogales Arizona, in 1853. They weremortally wounded in a blazing gunfight after a bank hold-up. Injured but stillalive after the gunfight U.S. Marshal, Jeff Milton sent this telegraphed messageto his office in Tucson, ?Send two coffins, one doctor.?

Because Three-Finger Jack was so feared throughout the territory, his hand wasremoved and preserved in a jar of alcohol for public display as proof that he wastruly dead, and to be feared no more.

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