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Tony Gomes is a graduate of Doemens Brewing Academy in Munich, Germany, one ofthe most prestigious brewing academies in the world. He is also the only Americanbrewmaster to have won three consecutive gold medals at the Great American BeerFestival?;.

Tony Gomes completed a 3-year apprenticeship in Germany under accomplishedbrewmasters at Burgerbrau Augsburg, Paulaner Munchen and Gebler MaltingAugsburg-Munchen. During this program Tony alternated between 3 months ofclassroom instruction, learning the theoretical aspects of quality beer makingand 3 months of practical application working in the brewery learning brewing,fermentation, filtration and bottling. After completing his apprenticeship, Tonyjoined Burgerbrau Augsburg as a professional brewer.

At Burgerbrau Tony, working with Braumeister Paul Riess, implemented a lacticacid fermentation system for mash acidification that further improved quality andefficiency in the Burgerbrau brewery.

Tony went on to further study at Doemens Brewing Academy, where he completed 2full years of additional training and earned a degree in Brewing, Beverage andMalting Science and the titles: Industrie – Braumeister from the Bavarian BrewingIndustry Chamber, IHK Handwerks – Braumeister from the Brewing Handwerkskammer(HWK) state of Bavaria.

Gomes is a member of Bund der Doemensianer, MBAA, and ASBC.

Tony was attracted by Saxer Brewing Company’s decoction brewhouse and commitment tomaking quality lagers. Since joining Saxer, Tony has created Lemon Lager which has won People’s Choice awards at beer festivals fromcoast to coast. Tony is the only brewmaster in America to have won three consecutive gold medals at the Great AmericanBeer Festival?;, 1994, 1995, 1996:

1996 Bock Category, Three-Finger JackFrost Dopplebock
1995 Oktoberfest Category, Three-Finger Jack Amber
1994 Dark Lager Category, Three-Finger Jack Hefedunkel

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