The Calgary Micro-Breweries Set-up

The micro-breweries Calgary exhibits are known spots that are often visited both by locals as well as tourists showing a lot of the processing that is involved when it comes to making the famous Calgary craft beer. One of the best, this Alberta craft beer is a local prized possession that the locals and residents absolutely love and being able to join the Calgary craft brewery tours will give you a more elaborate explanation as to why the Calgary residents are proud of the craft beer Calgary has to offer.

The craft beer Alberta made 

One of the things that is included in the craft brewery tours Calgary facilitates is the fact that in general all of the breweries that you will encounter have one thing in common, an exemplary history of how their brewery was able to succeed and turn up to become how it has become today. Of course as the tour progresses they will also take you to the processing of the beer itself and they will also discuss with you what makes their brewery unique as compared to the others out there.

The craft beer says it all 

What good is a beer tour if you cannot have some beer, right? The different Calgary breweries are well aware that visitors are more than willing to sample their blends so getting the chance to join the tours is a well set up beer sampling and beer drinking occasion that will let you realize just how many different kinds of beers there are in just one brewery. Most breweries will also have other items that they sell like apparel and souvenirs.

The food, art and everything else in between 

Because of the success of many of the brewery tours in Calgary many of the different breweries have also been inspired to keep the entire experience a complete package as most of these beer brands are more than ready to be hospitable to their guests. Food, arts and other forms of entertainment are also included in some of the brewery tours and these are some of the best details that make the tourists come back for more.

Calgary Breweries – A Guide For All Those Beers

Beer drinking is a worldwide custom and there are so many breweries that can be found all over the world, and just at Calgary there are already so many breweries that you can get to visit. All of these breweries Calgary hosts have their own beer concoctions and it may seem very exciting to get to each and each one of them and be able to sample the beer that they showcase.

The beauty of visiting different breweries is the task of finding the best tasting beers that you can enjoy and most of these businesses actually welcome tourists and locals alike as they feature what makes their own beer blend different from those of the other breweries.

Guide 1: Map out which breweries to visit

There are a lot of breweries that Calgary has to offer and what better way to get to know each of these than by mapping out which ones to go to, so you can sample all of the beer selections that they have to offer. Some of these breweries will even be able to show you how the brewing process is done in their facilities.

Calgary Breweries

Calgary Breweries

Guide 2: Book a visit online

Many breweries are open to the public and as such it may be necessary to book a visit before heading out especially if there are certain holidays when they have too many visitors or when they close the establishment. You can check online if you need to book ahead of time or if you can do a walk in directly at the brewery of your choice.

Guide 3: Do a taste test

Some of the breweries that you will get to visit have either samples of their freshly brewed beer or have them for sale. Get into the experience of sampling their selections but of course drink in moderation especially if you and your friends or family members are going to visit several other breweries for the day.

Guide 4: Relax and enjoy

There is nothing more satisfying than being able to take a vacation away from your busy lifestyle and end up visiting a place that makes beers. This will definitely be an experience that will make you relax and enjoy.

Microbreweries – Gaining Popularity

It is undeniable that the beer products released by microbreweries were very much underrated in the past.  This is because most people are accustomed to drinking widely popular and highly advertised beers only.  However, thanks to the internet, the opinions of real beer connoisseurs are getting heard as they tell of how premium and high quality the beers made from microbreweries are.  This then has slowly began to change everything as more and more people now are becoming fans of the highly sought after craft beer from microbreweries.

As of the moment, microbreweries have only a small portion of the beer market.  This is mainly because they do not produce their products in very large volumes.  The reason for this is that they want to maintain control over the uniqueness in the taste of their products.  This could only be done by applying the ‘art’ element in making beer and not the pure ‘science’ that large breweries do.

Craft beers made by microbreweries have that unique taste and aroma not found in regular mass-produced beers.  Beer connoisseurs love the flavorful tastes and aromas of craft beer.  They undeniably claim that craft beers are of the finest quality beers around that have premium and exquisite taste you will not find in ordinary beers.  If you are fond of drinking beer, it is important that you have a taste of what a real high quality beer should be.

One of the reasons why craft beer attracts those who want high quality beers is that the ingredients they use is very different from the norm.  While major breweries strive for that distinct taste, microbreweries aim for that strong and appealing flavor and aroma.  This also basically distinguishes each craft beer maker from the others.

In Canada, Calgary micro-breweries are becoming popular as the demands for craft beer there have never been higher.  The micro-breweries Calgary has are one of the finest examples of microbreweries as their standards for uniqueness and high quality tastes are very high.  If you are curious on how they make their beer, there is even Calgary brewery tours which you can join to learn about their art of making fine quality beer.