Saxer Beer

Saxer Beer

Henry Saxer


ommercial brewing in the Pacific Northwest began in 1852, when a German immigrant named Henry Saxer established his Liberty Brewery at the new village called Portland in the Oregon Territory. Henry Saxer missed being the first brewer on the Pacific Coast by three years; that honor went to San Francisco brewer Adam Schuppert in 1849.

Henry Saxer was among the vanguard in a growing parade of pioneer Northwest brewers who brought their art to a thirsty frontier. Introducing the careful brewing methods of the Old Country, these adventurous brewers set themselves to the task of satisfying what seemed to be a limitless demand. Saxer’s modest beer plant was near First and Davis Streets in downtown Portland. It was the first of a number of early breweries in the Northwest Territory.


Photo of historic Liberty Brewing building, circa 1860, Portland, OR

Photo of historic Liberty Brewing building, circa 1860, Portland, OR


ight years after beginning brewing in 1852, Henry Saxer’s original small wooden house had grown to three large adjoining two-story buildings. In 1862 Saxer sold his brewery to a young German brewer named Henry Weinhard from neighboring Fort Vancouver, across the Columbia River. Thus began the epoch of Oregon’s largest and longest-running brewing company.

Today, Saxer Brewing Company carries the name of its pioneer namesake because he embodies the spirit and tradition of making the finest hand-crafted beer in the Pacific Northwest.



Calgary Craft Beer 101: Understanding The Basic Process

Remember the 90’s when beer brewed by small, independent brewers was called microbrew? It looks odd that the name suddenly banished. It was a famous word that perfectly defined the new kindof Calgary micro-breweries that were expanding market share back then.

Brewing beer may seem difficult but it’s just a simple work for the brewer. It may look like a complicated art but the process of turning grains, water, and yeast into beer is really simple. It’s because the real hard work is upon the yeast cells.

Basically malting barley involves tricking the grains to believing that it is time to sprout. To make it easier, adding some warm water is important. During the sprouting process, enzymes will activate in the grain that will be used later by Calgary Micro-breweries in the mash. When the barley begins to sprout, the maltster will quickly dry it completely in a kiln putting the enzymes in suspension. Sprouts are then removed and remaining grains are sent to the brewer.

Mashing is done in a special brewer’s container called lauter tun. This container is designed to accommodate the mash without leaking. It also filters way the water through its bottom when the mashing process is complete. To maintain a constant temperature mash, lauter tuns are always insulated.

After that, more warm waters are sprinkled on the grain bed at about 165 to 168 Fahrenheit. Water is then drained and collected with the original water from the mash. The result is then called wort – water with sugars, unmodified starches and proteins dissolved and suspended.  The wort is then boiled to improve the beer.

Craft beer breweries are popular in conducting craft brewery tours in Calgary. This is a way to promote and show people how the process really works. As consumer it’s just right for Micro-breweries in Calgary to show how it’s done.

Calgary Microbrewery Sales Strategies

Calgary craft beer is growing in popularity. However, Calgary microbreweries need to have marketing strategies to raise revenues. Winning the hearts of consumers does not always depend on producing quality craft beer especially with a tight competition. Creative Sales Strategies are important to leave a mark in a crowded market of beer brewing.

  • Start by building your own brand. Quality is the most important factor in Calgary Microbreweries. However even if you produce quality Calgary craft beers, those bottles are not going to end up at buyers’ carts without efforts. Branding and messaging helps in building a connection between the consumer and the product.

For products like craft beers in Calgary, building doesn’t end with having a unique name and logo. It’s a great effort to take into account what the company stands for and how it sees itself. Creating a brand that tells a story to the customers and stand out from the rest is like winning in the lottery.

  • Plan on your distribution options. To generate sales, you need to bring your beer to restaurants and stores that sell it. You can also conduct Calgary craft brewery tours. For newly built microbreweries, it’s tempting to work with established distributors but beware. Sometimes established distributor that sales varieties of products isn’t going to be the advocate for your brand than your own salespeople.
  • Give social media a try. It may seem strange to introduce your beer products over the internet but it’s a good strategy. It can boost brand awareness and sales. Buying ads on Facebook will build a strong audience for beer-drinkers. It’s the target of Calgary Microbreweries. It also increases your word-of-mouth marketing and allows you to connect with your loyal clients.
  • Think outside the box. Calgary Microbreweries don’t have to depend on selling Calgary craft beer alone. It’s also possible to sell other products in connection with your main product. You can start introducing t-shirts, beer mugs, beer steins and other items with company logo. Starting a restaurant or beer-tasting room will definitely boost sales.
Calgary Microbrewery

Calgary Microbrewery

  • Look for possible partners abroad. It may seem difficult for a local microbrewery to sell cases to other countries but it’s a good source of income. Some exporters are looking for craft beers. With the right distributor, who knows you can be the next beer millionaire.

Start Your Own Calgary Micro-Brewery In 5 Easy Steps

In the early 1980s only twelve microbreweries started to produce quality craft beers. Today, that number is increasingly growing to an estimated 1,700 including Calgary Micro Breweries. Seeing these numbers implicates that starting a microbrewery is not bad at all. However it requires a lot of work and labor.

Calgary Micro-Brewery

Calgary Micro-Brewery

Think of the best marketing strategy to sell craft beers in Calgary. Follow the detailed business plan to promote Calgary Microbreweries. Advertising and circulating the name of your business to the public is important before it opens.

  • Research laws on your area about the production of alcoholic beverages and opening microbrewery. In some places, producing of alcoholic drinks is highly regulated like traditional alcohol production and service businesses. If you intend to sell all your Calgary craft beer then you need to register with the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax Bureau.
  • Selling craft beer in Calgary or in any other places is tough. Think of a unique name for your mini brewery. Not only that, also make important decision like the size of operation, types of beers to produce, location etc. Your decision can serve as basis to your comprehensive business structure, financing, building, renovating, licensing, insurance, analysis of the competition and marketing plan.
  • Get the necessary permits and licenses to start selling Calgary craft beer in your mini brewery. This includes local business operations permit, license to sell alcohol and registration with revenue department to pay taxes. You also need to register with the state comptroller to pay worker’s compensation and unemployment insurance for your employees.
  • Purchase all the necessary equipment and raw materials for your microbrewery business. Materials for beer brewing should come first. Good deals of equipment are required for brewing operation. You need to have at least two stainless steel or copper tanks, a heat source for the tank, fermentation cellar, filtering facilities, bottling and packaging equipment. Raw materials include, malted grain, yeast, hops, water and other flavorings.
  • Unless you are doing it yourself, hire a brew master and 1 or 2 possible assistants. Begin brewing beers at least 90 to 180 days before opening your business to give yourself enough time to prepare.

Calgary Micro-Breweries Need Trademark

To those who certainly love Calgary craft beers, the idea of starting Calgary Micro-breweries and creating quality craft beer is more than a business opportunity. Brewing craft beers is also an art as it is a business and beer drinkers are passionate about their favorite brews. Trademark protection is important because it avoids confusion among other beer competitors.

It’s important to have a name and a label. To stand out from other beer products, Calgary micro-breweries make a catchy, unique and striking visual image on the label. Brewers that have more than one beer products try to create a consistent theme for their brand. Each name is made with beautiful and striking illustrations in the label.

Once you’ve already made some great ideas for a good beer label, search for other Calgary Micro-breweries that may have the same name or design. You can also check the trademark and patent office in your area for some registered trademark in beer brewing.

If you’re done doing these things, check books, magazines, websites for reviews about craft beers and wines. Reading will help you find similar name and design. If you’ve established that no one used the same name then trademark both the name and design label you create.

If you decide to trademark your product for protection, you can either use the services of trademark attorney or register the trademark yourself. Then decide on the mark format of the trademark design you want to claim. This is either the name or the label design.

Calgary Micro-Breweries

Calgary Micro-Breweries

Trademarking both name and label design requires separate trademark claim for each. Then decide on what mark you want to apply to base on the patent and trademark offices’ Identification of Goods and Services Manual. You need to tell the trademark office if you already use the name for business or intend to do so.

After completing all the steps, you can now file a claim electronically. You need to pay for publication and other additional fees for any amendments after the initial filing. Remember that the patent and trademark office have the right to approve your claim, deny or ask clarifications on some things about your application.

Why Trademark Calgary Craft Beer Products?

Drinking craft beer is now popular among beer-drinkers around the globe. Even if you’re the healthiest person alive, drinking Calgary craft beer is always an option. Thanks to Calgary Micro-breweries, buying craft beers are now easy to begin with.

Calgary Craft Beer

Calgary Craft Beer

However due to tight competition among brewing companies, you need to apply for trademark to protect your beer products. It also gives you security from company’s who are showing interests in your brand. It also feels good to genuinely create a unique name and label for your own product of craft beer.

People prepare for the unpredictable future. You can never tell when competitors strike. That’s why preparation is important. It’s reality. You can look for trademark attorneys who can help you decide on the claim you want to apply. Applying for trademark can surely give you peace of mind. It always feels good to feel secure even in times of unexpected circumstances. This way, you will no longer be anxious about the future of your Calgary craft beer product.

Carefully check the name and label you want to apply for trademark claim. It’s also best to pay all fees before turning up to patent and trademark office. If you have this listed then you’re ready to go. Plus carefully search and check for other similar products in the market. This way you can prevent cases of copying names and duplication. Trademark is the best way to secure your brand’s name and prevent brand theft.

It’s not easy to think of unique names and labels for your Alberta craft beer products. Getting Trademark claims means you care for your product and your business. Spending few dollars for fees is not bad to show that you genuinely care. Security through trademarking can be your greatest gift to your family, your business and your employees.

Don’t think about those few dollars you spend for trademark fees. Just think of the benefits that it provides. It’s not only for you but for your entire business. You’re not only looking at brand protection but also financial protection as well. Claiming first for a unique name and label design is a great help to boost sales.